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This entry is going to be about my hardheaded best friend. I met her in physics freshman year, whatever, whatever. You get the point, she’s my favorite person, and my least favorite person. Her name is very weird so I like to call her “has” to make it easier on me. We’re so different yet, alike. After all, my psychology teacher said that we pick our friends based on our similarities. (Yes, I paid attention in class for once, no biggie).

Moving forward, we’ve had our fights forsure throughout high school just like any other friends. Except we’re in one right now and it doesn’t seem like it’s clearing up or getting better. Hence, (My short story is based off of us, but not completely plausible).

So me and Has have been planning on going to college for quite some time now, and even if we didn’t talk about it before. We always knew we’d go together wherever. She always knew I was an overachiever compared to her, but that never discouraged her. She’s very smart, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think she tries enough, or shows her full potential and it drives me nuts. I only want to see her do good things, but it’s almost like she doesn’t want that for herself.

Anyways, I always ask her if she wants to hang out and study with me and her response is always something negative. She chooses to hang out with people who slow her down rather than better her. I don’t know. We were supposed to be ACT prepping today but instead she blew me off to hang out with her other friend.

Last weekend, we hung out and she admitted that she doesn’t want to go to college with me anymore. I wasn’t hurt, I kind of expected it. She never tried, and I can’t help someone if they don’t want to help themselves. I told her okay. She asked if I was mad. I told her no. It was the truth but I STILL DON’T KNOW.

Hope you enjoyed reading about me and has, let me know what I should do if you have any ideas :))


Saja is influenced by those who surround her. Her interests consist of two cats, science and reading. During Saja’s 4 years in high school, she’s planning on accomplishing a total amount of 100 hours volunteering at nursing homes, and hospitals. In the face of misfortune, Saja has lost those closest to her but continues to strive for the better. She also plans to begin college in the near future majoring in Biochemistry in hopes of becoming a physician.  

This Week

This week has been the worst week I’ve ever had. I’ve been so behind on everything and I felt so UGH. I barley slept the entire week, some days I didn’t at all (SHOUTOUT AP PSYCH notes, that I never even finished :))) ) I kept dreading going to school each day and finally Friday came around.

Friday, I went to school, obviously. Then I went to work. I had my co workers pick up all my other shifts throughout the week so Friday was the first time I worked since the week before. All my co workers loved my hair, or felt the need to pretend to like it to spare my feelings. Everything went smooth for the most part. I went home, and cleaned up my room since it was giving me anxiety. I went to sleep at 3am, yes my room was that dirty 🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up to 4 miscalls from my older sister. It was 5:40am and I was late to my college visit to Missouri State University. Three hours or so later, we arrived and I liked it for the most part. (I hate to say this, but I liked Mizzou’s campus more) BUTTTTTTTTTT, I FELL INLOVE WITH THEIR CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT. They were so kind and understanding. I left the school impressed. Once I got home, I had nothing to do. My family left to hang out with their friends. All my friends (2 friends…..) were working, so I actually had time for myself and frankly, it felt weird to not have anything to do.

Sunday morning, I found out that I was working. Which I was very upset about since I made sure I drilled it in my managers brain that I CANNOT work on Sundays. I’m a procrastinator, so Sunday’s are homework days. Anyways, I went it and finished at 5:30, and somehow I left at 6:30… ugh. I went home, just to realize I had a project due the next day for AP Psych. I got the supplies I needed, and once again, I’m doing anything I can to not do it right now.

Regret… too late

In my previous school, I wanted to join anything and everything I possibly could. Now that I’m at Marquette and a senior, I feel like I should have joined at least one club or sport or something. When I start applying to colleges, they’re going to see that I wasn’t involved in any extra curricular activities, and that may affect their decision. I regret not being involved, and now it’s pretty much too late to join anything since deadlines have already passed.

I also wished I would have been somewhat social at Marquette, I don’t know a single person in this school well, and somehow I find that quite depressing. I don’t need friends but it would have been nice to talk to while walking to class or something. And now that it’s my senior year, that’s a little to late for as well. Once I leave high school, I’ll probably never see anyone from Marquette again.

I regret buying the dress I bought yesterday for homecoming. I can’t believe anyone would convince me to even spend a penny on that thing. It can’t be returned either, so that’s too late for as well.

I regret being friends or close to certain people, I never understood that some people don’t deserve to be opened up to. I did just exactly that, I would tell the ones who aren’t in my life things they shouldn’t know. It’s also a little too late

I regret so much, but without regretting do we ever learn? NO.

That Very Year

I have nothing else to talk about so I’m going to talk about my favorite years.

Everyone has a year that they will never forget and mine is 2016. Everything about that year was perfect. From the start till the end, I enjoyed every minute of it. I began it with meeting my best friend in physics class. She was quite the rude one, but I ended up falling in love with her personality and as would anyone else who meets her. I crossed so many things off my bucket list that I wanted to accomplish in the future with her in that very year. I met the closest people to me that year, and I’m so incredibly grateful for what I got to experience in that very year. Did I mention how good the music was in 2016? Every album I listened to was SO GOOD that very year. If you haven’t listen to at least one, do so!

During the summer, I went to Orlando alone with my sister. Both phones were washed away with the tide, it wasn’t ideal but I was still having a lot of fun. I went to the beach for the very first time (I hate the beach) , it wasn’t what I imagined but it was beautiful still in that very year.

During my birthday, I spent most of my day on the rooftop. (Rooftops make me happy). These are just some highlights that stood out me. There were so many blessings in my life at that time, I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything.

Life Update

I told you I’d figure out the plans for homecoming. I got a date, luckily it’s someone that I’ve known since middle school. NOW I’M NOT 9332434 WHEELING!!! I went shopping today, I was convinced into buying a dress I thought I looked horrible in. I wore it at least 15 more times after I bought it at home to see if I could get myself to like it but it really wasn’t working. I need to return it tomorrow and actually get something a little less revealing and more ME.

After I bought the dress, I went to work. I kept asking my managers and co-workers to find someone to take my shift tomorrow. Everyone kept saying no, and I was getting really aggravated considering I’m always covering other’s shifts. BUT, silly me, I wasn’t even scheduled this weekend. I’ve been so focused on things that shouldn’t matter to the point I’m forgetting and slacking on everything I need to do.

Speaking of, my grades are ugly right now. I used to get compliments on my writing all throughout last year. Matter of a fact, I never received anything lower than an A on my writing assignments. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still in the summer mindset or what. I need to get my grades up, my act score up, I HATE HIGH SCHOOL is my point and I can’t wait to leave it.

My parents are still gone and I’m kind of going insane without them. UGH


I’ve only been to one of the homecomings in high school. It was during my sophomore year. I only stayed for about 20 minutes before my friends and I went to a bonfire. It wasn’t a bad experience, but wasn’t exactly memorable. Now looking back on it, I only wish I could redo it over again.

Ever since I transferred schools, I haven’t made any friends. I’m not exactly looking to make friends, but it sucks only because it is my SENIOR YEAR. I’ve dreamed about this year for so long, my last final year of gradeschool.. I had vast plans for senior year and now I’m not doing any of them since I’m not with my friends nor with anyone I truly know.

I don’t thin I’m going to Marquette’s homecoming, only because like I said, I know no one. On the positive side, my best friend invited me to Mehlville’s homecoming and for the first time in a while, I’m excited to go/do anything school related. It’s this upcoming Saturday (in two days) and I still don’t have an outfit. I’m a last minute person, so I’m sure I’ll figure something out the DAY OF homecoming.

All my friends have dates, which means, YES, I will be 783903280 wheeling. I’m not excited about that part but I’ll still have a good time. I will make sure of it 😀

I work Saturday, in fact I close on Saturday. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that either because I call off almost every month. But like I said, SAJA WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT THE DAY OF.