If you ever have children, what would I do differently from my parents? To begin, my parents were amazing people. They treated me very well from what I remember. In fact, if I ever do have children, I know for a fact I want them to grow up the way I did if it’s possible. I’m going to sound narcissistic but I do believe I’m more mature than most people my age. I do have my dumb moments, but for the most part, I grew up just the way my parents intended and I’m thankful for that.

What is my favorite quote and why does it inspire me? My favorite quote would have to be that one that mentions that every person you meet is for a reason. Like they leave an impact on you. I clearly don’t know the quote word for word but I do get the point. It’s my favorite because I relate to it. Every person I’ve et in my life has left an impact on me, good or bad.

What did I dream about last night? Half of the time, I don’t remember what I dreamt about. I don’t remember what I dreamt about yesterday but I do know these past couple of weeks I’ve been having the weirdest dreams ever. Like it’s not anything out of the ordinary but it’s stuff I would never expect to happen. I donut know.

What’s my dream car? I’ve never really thought so much about this one, but I do know that ever since I was about eight years old, visiting Lebanon. I kept seeing BMWs everywhere. I fell involve with the X5. It’s an SUV which seems a little to mature for me right now but one day, hopefully I’ll be blessed enough to buy it for myself.

Plan out my next five years? Let’s begin with, I get so much criticism from my friends because I’m so precise about my plan for the future. They think it’s unrealistic and that life is supposed to take it’s toll but honestly, I think thats setting yourself up for failure. You can’t just let you life go and hope it “flows”. Nah, nope, no. So going back to the prompt.. I would like to attend a four year university, major in biochemistry. After getting my bachelors, I would like to continue my education at Washington University Medical School, or Mizzou Medical School. I haven’t made up my mind of which college I’m going to yet but I hope it’s the first one. And that would conclude what the next five years are going to consist of. Undergrad and Medical School!!!

The last argument I had? It was with my best friend Hasnija. I wrote about her on my blogs before but our conflict was just cumulated throughout the years and I felt like there was no fixing it. I mean why would you when nothing is going to change? Theres only so much you can do for a person before you have to give up. So I gave up, and she didn’t mind at all. I spoke to her this weekend after maybe a month of not talking to each other and she was really hurt by me. I do admit to being egocentric and senstive but I am the way I am. And she’s selfish and ugh. I don’t even know what the word is. She’s many things. She’s annoying and aggravating but besides all of that, she’s one of the best people who have ever been in my life no matter how much problems or pain she brought. Anyways, we talked this weekend and we agreed on being friends but not rushing into anything. Wow, this sounds like an actual relationship, but yes. We’re just giving our friendship time to heal itself by itself.

If I were locked in my favorite department store, I would finally have enough time to try things on before one of the workers start nagging at me. Oh my god, I hate it. I know it’s their job or whatever, but shut up and let me change. So yeah, I would go full on crazy and try everything on and take a bunch of pictures in the outfits.

A time where I hoped everything would happen and it did.. Almost a year ago, I was hanging out with my sister. She picked me up from my house and she took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant. (The Vine, you’re welcome). And I just had the perfect day, I don’t know how but everything was so good that day. When she drops me back home, the front door was locked which was odd because I knew my dads friends were over. I knocked on the door since I clearly didn’t have my keys, as I’m looking back at my sister, I saw this beautiful Honda Accord. I knew it, I knew it right there and then and started screaming. My dad came out to open the door and I pointed at the car and he started laughing, asking me how’d I figure it out. I had been begging my dad for a Honda Accord since I was fifteen so it only made sense it would be mine. It was just a really good day bc not a single bad thing happened, I got what I wished for.

When was the first time you loved anyone? Besides my amazing family, I did “love” someone. We’re going to name him Robby. How perfect. He was my high school sweetheart, and I was his. We didn’t mean to like each other but we did. A lot of people were not very happy about the decision I was making. Including my family, my family couldn’t stand his family. My friends thought it was a horrible idea that this is who I chose considering his reputation. Although, when we were around each other, it’s like we could both act like ourselves and that’s one of the things I loved about him. Eventually, fast forward, I ended things because it hectic and I wasn’t ready for that I guess. He is still in my life, but he’s getting engaged soon.. so that’s that.

Write about my first name…. Funny story actually…. My parents thought I was going to be a boy. I guess my doctor detected that I was a boy from my ultrasound but NOPE. As I was told from many of my family members, when my dad found out I was a girl, he was devastated. He had brought baby boy clothes with him and an ugly name to match it. (That name is not to be mentioned because it’s so cringe). Anyways, my mother was so excited. All of her children were named by someone else, her brother, my dad, etc. But she wanted to name me. So she named me Saja. It’s from a line in the Quran. I don’t read arabic nor do I understand the formal understanding of it but it meant something good. That I know.

If I could travel anywhere in the universe, I would love to go New Zealand. It looks beautiful in pictures and I would simply love to go there by myself. Ugh, that sounds like an actual dream.

Something I consider “ugly”…. I consider marriage ugly. The whole point of it, I hate it. Ew. Gross. Nope.

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