I think. I’m horrible with keeping up on assignments this year but I’m sure I established that already.

Since I’m drained out of ideas to talk about. I’m literally going to talk about my day. Last week I went to the doctors and she recommended me this book about cancer since that’s what I want to specialize in. I started reading it this morning, other than the fact I can barley understand due to the complex vocabulary in it, it’s pretty good. It’s pretty big and I’m not used to reading a book that big, and I know it’ll take me a while to finish it. I used to read all the time, and I’m so glad I’m back to it.

My AP psych homework keeps piling up yet I refuse to get my notebook out of my backpack and do it. I barley passed that class’s midterm last week but I managed. Speaking of last week, I also took my math midterm. Phew. I studied my ass off, just to not finish the test in time of course. So my grade was horrible, but it brought my grade 2% up. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

I’m supposed to be getting dressed to go apple picking but I have to finish this first before my grade drops in this class too. YAY for always being last minute, right?

I stayed up until 4AM catching up on this tv show called Riverdale. I knew who was the villain the entire time. It wasn’t hard to figure out which makes me think that the characters or whatever should do something better to hide it in the beginning. I don’t much tv anymore like I did in the summer, shocker. But my favorite has to be gossip girl or greys anatomy. I know how cliche it sounds because that’s literally almost everyone’s favorite tv shows but ITS SO GOOD HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT.

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