Indecisive, typical.

I’m the most indecisive person. It’s really annoying at times, I cannot stand it. It could be about literally anything. Food, clothes, ANYTHING AT ALL. This time it’s about my short story. I’m not in love with it, it’s good, yes. But I could definitely come up with something better if I wanted to and now i’m regretting choosing the theme I did. And the thing is, it’s done. I turned in my final draft on Thursday and I already have an idea on how I want the book cover to look but yet, I still have this nagging voice in my head, telling me to come up with something better. I want something more plot twisting and dramatic but whatever, I’ll live. I really hate me 🙂

Then here comes college decisions. I’ve thought about UMKC since sophomore year, because of the accelerated premed program and the application deadline is Nov 1st, meaning it’s to late for my counselors to send in my information and whatnot. I got accepted into MSU but I still cant figure out if that’s really where I want to go. Or if I want to go to Mizzou. I just can’t seem to make my mind up, and it’s annoying me. I’ve visited so many campuses and I kept thinking that I would instantly feel that “spark” or the feeling of being at home but nope. Nada. I just don’t know what to do and that’s odd considering I’ve planned my life out since I was 11. I just don’t know and now I’m rambling.

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