My prompt

We talked about my prompt in class today. If you weren’t there or don’t remember it was basically asking who’d you rather love someone and not have them love you back, OR have someone love you and you don’t. One of my classmates shared their thoughts on it and it changed my mindset.
I don’t remember word for word, but it was along the lines that you can’t love someone unless you’ve been loved before. Yes, very true. This is more on the personal side for me so let me explain, not that anyone cares anymore, but. I loved someone very dearly, and I believe that love was reciprocated. I was and I still am very young, and I might not even know what “love” truly means. I don’t think any of us do to be completely honest. We just assume and call it that when we feel very strongly towards someone. And at that moment in my life, I felt this strongly towards this person so that’s why I’m assuming I loved him. Eventually, things didn’t go as planned and the “love” dried up. I still believe I love him till this very day, and I cannot speak for the other person but it doesn’t seem like he feels that way about me. It made me quite sad and very lonely in the beginning. Until I realized that I’m literally only 17 years old with many years to come and this shouldn’t hurt me as much as it should. Whatever, whatever.
If it matters anyways, I’d chose to be loved. I would rather someone love me, I would rather be selfish, I would rather savor my feelings than to be sad. That’s why I chose my choice. Loving others becomes exhausting and tiring. I don’t think that makes you a bad person either.

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