This Week

This week has been the worst week I’ve ever had. I’ve been so behind on everything and I felt so UGH. I barley slept the entire week, some days I didn’t at all (SHOUTOUT AP PSYCH notes, that I never even finished :))) ) I kept dreading going to school each day and finally Friday came around.

Friday, I went to school, obviously. Then I went to work. I had my co workers pick up all my other shifts throughout the week so Friday was the first time I worked since the week before. All my co workers loved my hair, or felt the need to pretend to like it to spare my feelings. Everything went smooth for the most part. I went home, and cleaned up my room since it was giving me anxiety. I went to sleep at 3am, yes my room was that dirty 🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up to 4 miscalls from my older sister. It was 5:40am and I was late to my college visit to Missouri State University. Three hours or so later, we arrived and I liked it for the most part. (I hate to say this, but I liked Mizzou’s campus more) BUTTTTTTTTTT, I FELL INLOVE WITH THEIR CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT. They were so kind and understanding. I left the school impressed. Once I got home, I had nothing to do. My family left to hang out with their friends. All my friends (2 friends…..) were working, so I actually had time for myself and frankly, it felt weird to not have anything to do.

Sunday morning, I found out that I was working. Which I was very upset about since I made sure I drilled it in my managers brain that I CANNOT work on Sundays. I’m a procrastinator, so Sunday’s are homework days. Anyways, I went it and finished at 5:30, and somehow I left at 6:30… ugh. I went home, just to realize I had a project due the next day for AP Psych. I got the supplies I needed, and once again, I’m doing anything I can to not do it right now.

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