Regret… too late

In my previous school, I wanted to join anything and everything I possibly could. Now that I’m at Marquette and a senior, I feel like I should have joined at least one club or sport or something. When I start applying to colleges, they’re going to see that I wasn’t involved in any extra curricular activities, and that may affect their decision. I regret not being involved, and now it’s pretty much too late to join anything since deadlines have already passed.

I also wished I would have been somewhat social at Marquette, I don’t know a single person in this school well, and somehow I find that quite depressing. I don’t need friends but it would have been nice to talk to while walking to class or something. And now that it’s my senior year, that’s a little to late for as well. Once I leave high school, I’ll probably never see anyone from Marquette again.

I regret buying the dress I bought yesterday for homecoming. I can’t believe anyone would convince me to even spend a penny on that thing. It can’t be returned either, so that’s too late for as well.

I regret being friends or close to certain people, I never understood that some people don’t deserve to be opened up to. I did just exactly that, I would tell the ones who aren’t in my life things they shouldn’t know. It’s also a little too late

I regret so much, but without regretting do we ever learn? NO.

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