Life Update

I told you I’d figure out the plans for homecoming. I got a date, luckily it’s someone that I’ve known since middle school. NOW I’M NOT 9332434 WHEELING!!! I went shopping today, I was convinced into buying a dress I thought I looked horrible in. I wore it at least 15 more times after I bought it at home to see if I could get myself to like it but it really wasn’t working. I need to return it tomorrow and actually get something a little less revealing and more ME.

After I bought the dress, I went to work. I kept asking my managers and co-workers to find someone to take my shift tomorrow. Everyone kept saying no, and I was getting really aggravated considering I’m always covering other’s shifts. BUT, silly me, I wasn’t even scheduled this weekend. I’ve been so focused on things that shouldn’t matter to the point I’m forgetting and slacking on everything I need to do.

Speaking of, my grades are ugly right now. I used to get compliments on my writing all throughout last year. Matter of a fact, I never received anything lower than an A on my writing assignments. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still in the summer mindset or what. I need to get my grades up, my act score up, I HATE HIGH SCHOOL is my point and I can’t wait to leave it.

My parents are still gone and I’m kind of going insane without them. UGH

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