I’ve only been to one of the homecomings in high school. It was during my sophomore year. I only stayed for about 20 minutes before my friends and I went to a bonfire. It wasn’t a bad experience, but wasn’t exactly memorable. Now looking back on it, I only wish I could redo it over again.

Ever since I transferred schools, I haven’t made any friends. I’m not exactly looking to make friends, but it sucks only because it is my SENIOR YEAR. I’ve dreamed about this year for so long, my last final year of gradeschool.. I had vast plans for senior year and now I’m not doing any of them since I’m not with my friends nor with anyone I truly know.

I don’t thin I’m going to Marquette’s homecoming, only because like I said, I know no one. On the positive side, my best friend invited me to Mehlville’s homecoming and for the first time in a while, I’m excited to go/do anything school related. It’s this upcoming Saturday (in two days) and I still don’t have an outfit. I’m a last minute person, so I’m sure I’ll figure something out the DAY OF homecoming.

All my friends have dates, which means, YES, I will be 783903280 wheeling. I’m not excited about that part but I’ll still have a good time. I will make sure of it šŸ˜€

I work Saturday, in fact I close on Saturday. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that either because I call off almost every month. But like I said, SAJA WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT THE DAY OF.

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